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About - Yanai, Peleg & Co Investment House

Yanai, Peleg & Co is a boutique investment house offering Mergers and Acquisitions Services leveraging our in-depth professional knowledge and strong personal ties in the Israeli market.

Professional and Personal

Yanai, Peleg & Co is able to apply years of professional experience and relationships with Israeli industrial and financial sectors to craft an individualized M&A strategy - with a clear focus on closing a deal -

for every client firm.

Our Focus

Yanai, Peleg & Co focuses on mature companies with strong management teams and a proven track record - particularly in the consumer products, plastics, metals, electronics, food and agriculture sectors. Our sellers, buyers, and investors include private Investors, private equity funds, established publicly-traded companies, family firms, family offices, privately held companies, and kibbutz-owned corporations.


The company has a team of experts in raising capital for startups in the fields of mobile and social networking


But it is our personal relationship with our
clients that sets Yanai, Peleg & Co apart.

Our experience in successfully managing various mergers, acquisions or joint venture can help you in getting that expert attention...


Yanai, Peleg & Co are a team of professionals, from various disciplines line management graduates, industrial engineering, economists opening text for this....


As a member of our Israeli community, Yanai, Peleg & Co gives financial and leadership support to several organizations

that strengthen our society...

“Somebody once said that in

looking for people to hire,

you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy.

And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” (Warren Buffett)

We identify ourselveswith our clients from the start and are ready to provide our service and attention every day, all day. Our discrete soundings in the market help identify potential buyers, sellers, and complementary investors. We share frank and realistic expectations with our clients, and maintain integrity and clarity of communications. The parties to the deal are always our central preoccupation

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