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Avivit Peleg, Venture Capital, Equity Fund, Mergers and Acquisition
Yanai, Peleg & Co Expertise

Our experience in successfully managing various mergers, acqusitions or joint ventures can help you in getting that expert attention.

Our firm
Yanai, Peleg & Co is a boutique investment house offering Merger and Acquisition Services based on our in-depth professional knowledge and strong personalties in the Israeli...

Yanai, Peleg & Co are a team of professionals, from various disciplines line management graduates, industrial engineering, economists opening text for this....


As part of the society in which we live, Yanai, Peleg & Co. believe in integration and community collaboration In the world of content that the company operates, and managers...

Services for Mergers & Acquisitions:

• Characterization of the clients' company and its market 

Performing company valuations

• Developing goals and strategies for a deal

• Identifying and approaching potential partners 

• Defining the structure of the deal

Performing the economic analysis of investment proposals 

• Negotiating transaction terms

• Assisting in obtaining funding

• Preparing for due diligence procedures


Investment Advisory Services:

• Developing investment principles and investment programs

• Identifying investment opportunities

• Full economic analysis of target investment

• Negotiations and due diligence


For Public Offerings:

• Building strategies for a successful stock exchange listing 

• Negotiating underwriting agreements

• Preparing due diligence programs

• Preparing road shows for prospective investors

• Creating and fostering positive investor perception


Our Independent Advantage:

Yanai, Peleg & Co maintains close relations with financial institutions and investment groups, government officials, and businesses throughout the country. As an independent investment house, there are no conflicts of interests or dependent relations with Israeli banks and investment groups.

We deal with all local and international banks and financial institutions in Israel to best serve our clients.

"A good dealmaker understands

that it's their job

to finesse things into place.


Mastering the art of deal making is

what transforms an everyday company

into a leading business empire"…

(Warren Buffett)

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