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Avivit peleg, Mergers, Acquisition, Venture Capital
The art of Mergers and Acquisitions
Our Firm

Yanai, Peleg & Co is a boutique investment house offering Mergers and Acquisitions Services leveraging our in-depth professional knowledge and strong personal ties in the Israeli market.

Yanai, Peleg & Co is able to apply years of professional experience...


Yanai, Peleg & Co includes a team of professionals, from various disciplines line management graduates, industrial engineering, economists opening text for this....


Our experience in successfully managing various mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures can help you in getting that expert attention.


• Characterization of client

  company and market...


As a member of our Israeli community, Yanai, Peleg & Co gives

financial and leadership support to several organizations

that strengthen our society...

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Semi Annual Wealth Management Meeting

Business casual:

A trend well-suited to Israel

9 Minutes With Avivit Peleg

Herzliya Conference

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